A BROTHER WAS HEALED OF PARALYSIS…. After listening to our program…

A brother was healed of paralysis during our telivision worship program tagged : (Heaven tunes)
The programme was not broadcasted as scheduled on a particular so he called to find out why this program was not on.
As a matter of fact when he was sharing his testimony with me on phone I could not believe the worship program was having such an huge impact.
He testified he had been on bed for about six months not being able to move his body but thanks be to God  heaven tunes has helped his faith to rise enough to receive his healings.
As at the time he was talking to me he was already moving his body and standing up. GLORY TO GOD.
I was so humbled by his testimony that I did not talk about it for a long time. It was so difficult for me to believe that God can visit people right in their homes just like that.May God forgive me.I still marvel at the wondeful power of God available in Praise.
Are you going through some very hard stuff right ,you have prayed and fasted about it yet it still looks like the mountain is immovable?
Just start praising God and dancing right away the problem will bow to the sovereignty of the Almightiness of our God I know He is more than able.
Hallelujah your testimony is sure.
Remember He has been faithful before so He will never fail now.
Be blessed always.

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