HOW GOD HEALED ME……. A must Read… My Testimony

Healed of Haemorroids:
I was considered a sickler at a time because I was always knocked out by malaria every two weeks while growing up.
As if that was enough situations got worse when I got to the age of 7. I lost my mum.
My father was looking for who could take care of me and my little brother and  so started multiplying wives however this did not work because as soon as the ladies have there own children we were left with no clothes or sometimes our pants were falling off our waists because they are slacked due to overuse.
With no adequate care uncles and step brothers would harass us sexually and physically easily.
I got delivered from malaria when I was introduced to a Christian fellowship by my friend during summer of 1987 after coming back home from college.
I am eternally grateful for this singular experience that changed my whole miserable life.
I got deliverance from Malaria as I always applied Isa 53:5 when ever sickness comes.
This has helped me over the years so when about two year ago  I had seious haemorroids  that really scared me to death At a stage I was stooling only blood.
I remember singing one day and bleeding started right on stage with heavy clots coming out.
I looked up and told God to please hold the bleeding from dropping on the alter, I was so glad He answered me.
This drove me to various doctors and was told there was no other way than to be operated upon
It was like a bomb shell but God helped me.
I told Him I wanted another way out and He gave me what i wanted.
The irony of this is that after going for medical solutions abroad my miracle was actually waiting for me in a Nigerian hospital.
This experience made my faith to grow so much that I now understand what Paul was saying in the book of  Hebrews 5:8 and Heb 11.

To any reader out there:
I really dont know how bad that situation you are going through is.
Be rest assured God is bigger and Hes ready to help you through it if you let him.
Trust me you are coming out stronger in Jesus name.             

   Mrs. D……………..

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