Amplified Bible. Ecclesiastes 10:2,8,10,19
[2]A wise man’s heart turns him toward his right hand, but a fool’s heart toward his left. [Matt. 25:31-41.]
[8]He who digs a pit [for others] will fall into it, and whoever breaks through a fence or a [stone] wall, a serpent will bite him. [Ps. 57:6.]
[10]If the ax is dull and the man does not whet the edge, he must put forth more strength; but wisdom helps him to succeed.
[19][Instead of repairing the breaches, the officials] make a feast for laughter, serve wine to cheer life, and [depend on tax] money to answer for all of it.

There is something about the right Hand
I pray that your heart will turn you towards your right hand today in Jesus name. THIS IS
Where there is favour
Where there is mercy
Where there is divine connections
Where there is divine health
Where there is enlargement
Where there is joy AND peace.
Where there is victory
Where there is breakthrough.
I pray for you that all sworn enemies whether in human form ,sickness form ,poverty form will fall into their own constructed ditch.
You are immuned by the blood of Jesus Christ against any form of pandemic.
You are moving from one level of Glory to another as the Lord endows you with His wisdom from above.
Stay connected to the king of Kings all shall be well.
Good morning God’s Precious One and do have a testimony filled day 😇😇😇😇😇👑👑👑👑👑

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