The Lord declares you more than a conqueror:
Paul said He is persuaded that nothing csn seperate him from the love of christ.
 Not death,not sickness ,not principalities, not pandemic.
Rom 8:35-38.

There are three categories of men
3)More than a conqueror

You in the third category since its not you fighting but the Lord of hosts Himself.
There  is a God in heaven who will not allow you to be a prey in the hands of the enemy.

I am persuaded that all Gods promises to you will come to pass as the Lord liveth.
I am persuaded that no plague will come near your dwelling .
I am persauded that your children are redeemed by the blood of Jesus.
I am persuaded that  your tomorrow shall be alright.
I am persuaded that you will prosper in health as your soul prospereth.
I am persuaded  that you will not die  but live.
I am persuaded that the church of the lord will not be stopped by the gates of hell.
I am persuaded that after seeing the end of the plague you will not beg for bread.

I am persuaded that nothing can separate you from the love of God.
Hold on Gods promises for your life His word can never fail.
Choose Life.

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