10 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT…. Episode 3. Drop your Questions and contributions in the comment box

  1. We need to pray for our children fervently as well, especially our first born who always face spiritual attacks. Creating time for our children is an important part of parenting to know what they are doing at a particular point in time. May God help us as parents.

  2. I enjoyed this talk and how to relate with our teenage children. Though my children are all married now. Glory be to God. One place most of us parents miss it, is, we never apologise to our children when we go wrong with them. Particularly when we scold a child for an offence and later find out the child was right, we turn the other way as if nothing happened, there by making the child bitter and angry. We should draw close to our children and gist with them, they in turn will trust you and even when they make mistakes they come opening up,and they will feel loved and become your friend. In short we need the grace and wisdom of God to nurture our children as technology is another thing to battle. Thank you ma.

  3. A very good morning Dear Parents.
    True, be honest and truthful with them. That is transparency, and it does happen through effective, quite, and peaceful communications.
    Much Thanks Ma🙏🕊️💞

  4. This is just hitting the nail on the head head. As parents we need to note that it is not too late to work on our relationship with our children. Let's assure them of our love and make conscious effort to get closer to them, with prayers as well, we will definitely experience great transformation in our relationship with them. This will also help them to be better parents.

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