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  1. Kudos to you mum, this is mind blowing, I enjoyed every bit of it cos I've been applying all you just said now and it has really spiced my marriage. Gloria Adedapo.

  2. God bless you ma. Please I will like you to teach us on how to keep the lines of communication still active and one when there's disagreement cos I've heard and seen couples change the beautiful names they call themselves to something else. For instance from darling to papa Nkechi, etc. It's well

  3. God bless you mum this is a well garnished teaching and I really enjoyed every beat of it.
    I also what to know how to manage our emotions especially at that point when you can't hold back your feelings anymore so that your words or actions won't be hurtful
    Joy Nwalua

  4. Thanks so much for your quest for more teachings.
    Most of the time the reasons why spouses change their attitude towards each other after something happens is because of lack of understanding.
    If the love between both is unconditional as the Bible requires the lady should know that issues of life are not strong enough to make her love waiver:Both bad times and good times the husband remains a darling and when they tackle the problem together it will pass and their love still stand.

  5. The husband needs to know that two wrongs cannot make a right in marraige.
    When she's angry the husband can walk away and allow things to cool down.
    He should lead by example and try to initiate
    an effective communication about how they can have peaceful talks.
    The husband should be very patient with his wife and love her unconditionally.
    He should bring his wife up through constant .
    Bible study and take the lead.
    I believe these will be helpful.

  6. Thanks so much for your question Joy so nice to read from you.
    It is always very helpful we dont talk when we are angry.
    So to be on a safeside do not express your feelings when your emotions are bruised.
    At that point one can keep calm and delay one's reaction.
    What this pause does will enhance the followings:
    1) Peaceful reaction.
    2) Progressive communication.
    3)Expected change.
    When words are carefully chosen and edifying, wrath is averted.
    Prov 15:1
    Prov 15:4
    Prov 16:24

  7. Thank you for sharing these insights ma'am. This is so true and applies not just to couples on but applies to all relationships as well.

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