MY MIRACLE BABY……Is now a woman

Exactly 18th September Twenty seven years ago I was in between life and death having been in a serious labour for more than twenty four hours.
This is the baby we have waited for in three years.
The pain was so  unbearable that the medical team on duty took a decision to induce me,the inducement  was like pain multiplied by 100 compared with the normal pain so I told the nurse waiting on me i couldnt bear such any longer when I wouldn’t stop my whining the drip was removed and i had to wait for another 48 hours.
Very early in the morning of 21st September my husband remembered we had argued earlier on before my due date that the baby will be born on 22nd September which would have been his birthday and looking at the pain i was going through he went to a silent corner of the hospital and lied down praying that the baby should come immediately.
The good thing is that they can always celebrate their birthdays together most especially when they are both in different countries with different time zone.
God answered his prayers….
The midwife had a very difficult time helping with the birth of my baby,she was acting against the doctor’s surgery advice earlier to that time thinking according to her she saw that with my height i should be able to push all by myself.
Obviously she never knew my baby’s weight was 4.2 kg
It became a little scary when i had her praying for mercy she did not want to loose the baby.
I had to be praying under my breath as well when I heard her sent for forceps to bring the baby out.
 Fortunately the baby came out before the equipments were brought in.
The miracle baby arrived after 4 days of excruciating pain.
Alas 4.2 kg????
Everyone in Oluyoro Catholic Hospital Ibadan Nigeria West Africa was invited to come and see this giant baby!!!!!
All her clothes and diapers were not fitting , her daddy had to run out for 3 months old clothings and accessories.
God honoured His words because He had given me the name of the baby while we were praying that he should take away barreness from our young family.
I am still grateful for my princess
Iyanu Oluwa
Daughter of Odebode.
She’s now a big woman ooooo.
Married and expecting her own baby .
Jesus you love me sp much o
I pray you expeience a greater testimony.
Our God reigns forevermore.

Ex 23:26
You cant be barren.

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