4 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT IT… Episode 4. Topic: PARENTING

  1. Summary of today's message.
    1)Make a conscious effort to teach your children about the knowledge of God.
    Prov 9:10.
    2)Lead them to Christ (John 3:3)
    3)Spend a quality time to answer their questions daily.
    4)Teach each child how to work as a team member with other family members.
    5)Bed time stories are highly recommended most especially life and Bible stories.
    6)Encourage your children to actively participate in family Bible study.
    7)Give your children house rules and make sure they are enforced to abide with all rules and regulations.
    8)Teach your children how to wait for their turns.
    9)Apologise to your children when you are at fault.
    10)Teach your children how to be there for each other.
    11)Teach your children how to respect other people's opinions.
    12)Teach your children to say thank you for every act of kindness towards them by people or by God.
    13)Introduce them to social media and stay there with them.
    14) Talk to them about sex before they learn about it from t.v or their peers.
    (Best age to teach them about their bodies is from age 1 and above.Hug them at home and tell them to protect their bodies when they go out.
    15)Teach them to respect your privacy and dont appear nude before them.(lock your door when you know you don't want them to see some things)
    16)Teach them by example.
    E.g. on't talk about others in their presence and don't wear indescent clothes.
    (Action speaks louder than voice)
    17)Ask them direct questions.
    18)Encourage them to trust you because you passed through their age and you made some mistakes as well while growing up.
    19)Commend their efforts when they do well.(Affirm and correct them appropiately.
    20)Encourage them to do a memory verse per day with good motivations.
    We need to pray for them always and always depend on the Holy Spirit to groom them.

  2. God bless you real good ma. I'm blessed by today's words, by the grace of God I'm trying to teach my children sex education, started with parts of their body though my girl is still tender (4yrs) but she's picking up, for now she can tell you that a woman doesn't sit opening her legs for people to see her underwear. Same with my boy. But that of memory verse, I really need to teach them and work on it. Today's topic is really a food for thought. Gloria adedaAd

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