*SERVING GOD, A PRIVILEGE I CAN NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED`* “ Dear fresh Bobo & Sisi, I don’t think you need any preacher to preach or teach you why you should serve God in this days of your youth ( Eccl. 12:1)  just take a stroll down to the nearest hospital and see young and fresh people like you crying and praying just  to even remain on the hospital bed and see the light of the day,,, Permit me to shock you a little,   *DO YOU* *KNOW  what you consume every day for FREE? A quantity of OXYGEN that can sustain a man for just one day is about 180,000 naira……  about 4 million naira per month, and about 40 million naira per year.  So every time you see a new month like this, just consider a breath worth 4 million naira given to you Free of Charge…….and what do u have to offer in return?  Just your service to him….Hmmmm, what shall separate us from the love of God? Is it CORONA VIRUS? HUNGER? REPEATING ONE CLOTH EVERY SUNDAY? OUR SEARCH FOR MONEY?  or even EXCESS MONEY. let nothing do,,,, it is time to sit up and face the reality of serving God… I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to encourage you in your service to God…. Do have a wonderful day…. From Ndifreke.

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