Our pastor dreamt sister B died and saw that everyone was crying.
So the sister woke and started complaining about her stomach aching seriously.
A prayer session was organised for her and she was asked to visit the hospital.
It was there and then that it was discovered that there were some objects in her stomach that requires urgent clinical procedure.
She was taking to the surgery room immediately and there was found a  surgical needle and bandage all coiled together with a lot of pus gathered round it. When it was brought out the object looked so disgusting and smelly.
We are grateful to God for revealing the problem if not we would have lost this beautiful daughter of Zion.
She did not know she was carrying strange objects in our stomach before God revealed it.
I pray therefore for everyone reading this testimony that every strange object,strange feeling,strange attack planted in your life right now shall be erased by the blood of Jesus Christ.
You will be free indeed in Jesus name.

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