My name is Idowu Babalola. I am a Husband and Father of Children. But it would not have been possible if not for what God did for me 22 years ago.

After my Junior Secondary School Examination, I went for Holiday with my elder brother at Ikotun Egbe (14 Tijani Iyaniwura street, Ile-iwe Bus Stop, Egbe). It happened on a working day. School was in session though I was on holiday because I just finished JSSE. I did my daily chores and took my brother’s children to school. Coming back from their school, a neighbor was sweeping and noticed that a part of the ground was freshly dug and covered with sand. She exclaimed what could have happened. And out of curiosity, overzealousness and ignorance I dug the ground and all I found was a hard shell of coconut. It appeared harmless and everyone went our ways. I took my breakfast and slept afterwards. By the time I woke up, I started feeling pains in my left leg. It started gradually and in a week or two it had become worse. It was swollen, infected and it took a Nurse (Aunty Funke) on the same street to withdraw pus from the leg with syringes. After few days I started coughing out blood. My eyeballs were yellow like a jaundiced child that needed Exchange Blood Transfusion. Aunty Funke advised my brother to take me to the Hospital where she was working I can’t remember the name. I was admitted, I cannot remember for how long. The case became worse and all hope was lost. My PCV (Laboratory Investigation to check Blood level) was 10. To clear our doubt, my brother (Kehinde Babalola) was given my blood sample to go to any Laboratory for the PCV and he came back with result of 8 or 10. The case was VERY BAD that even the Doctor tld me he was surprised that I could still walk and walk. He told me not to leave my bed again, instating that I should do everything from my bed. But in all of these things, I was the only one who never lost hope on myself. Because of my case, my brother (Taiwo Babalola) told our father that he would kill him if I died. On a normal day, no child of my father had that liver.  But I never gave up even when everyone had. I kept begging them to bring a photographer to snap me but they never agreed (which was the most painful thing to me till date). I was later referred to General Hospital when the Doctor of the Private Hospital could not handle my case again. That same day of referral, God sent a Doctor who happened to fellowship in a church where my Sister-in-law attends whenever he was in Lagos because his hospital was in Kwara state. He just came in and asked that I should be taken home. He gave me two pint of blood instead of the ten the private hospital estimated. I took a lot of Ugwu and milk to augment the blood.

There was this peace and confidence I had then that I would not die. I kept saying My God did not tell me I would die young even though I did not know a Bible passage that says that. I cannot even remember if I really prayed any serious prayers then. The one thing I know and can remember I was doing was the CONFESSION that I would not die which is FAITH in God through Jesus Christ. No wonder the book of 1John 5:4 says “for whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.”

It is 22 years after and by God’s grace I am still living. I am child of God, a husband, a father, a Chartered Accountant and a Fashion Designer. Though there is still once in a while pain in the leg which I see as the scar from the battle but I will continually be grateful to God for His Too Much Love.

Thanks for reading.

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