Why do I need to wait upon the Lord ?
To get direction in this world of chaos
You cannot afford to listen to avoices in the world they  want to control your life and the end is usually disastrous.
Waiting upon the Lord may seem boring,time consuming and sometimes very difficult but the truth of the matter is that it is the best place a man can ever be.
Today the world believes in everything fast,do it now syndrome,fast and furious etc
Whether it is accepted or not patience is a virtue and that  is why it is one of the fruit of the spirit.
The people that have come forward to us for counselling with much more uncontrollable sorrowful regrets are those who went into marraige without waiting to hear from God before they entered into such spiritual contract.
Why is it considered that the best place to be at anytime is God’s presence.
1)It is the safest place.
2)It is a place to acquire great wisdom
3)It is a place to get revelation of deep treasurable secrets.
It is a place for perfect victory.
When you cultivate the habit of being in God’s presence hearing from God will be easy .
God wants to speak to His children at all times do not wait for the time you need something big.
The more you listen to him daily on little things the more you get familiar to how He speaks.
No man can finish well in this world without hearing God.
Isa 40:29-31

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