1 kings 13:11-25
Who is an old prophet of our own days.
1)A well known and popular preacher.
2)A good orator
3)Someone who has large followers.
4)A pastor with a very large congregation.
5)Someone who has been seeing visions very well.
6)Someone with charisma
7)Someone who has accurate word of knowledge and so on and so forth.
8)An old prophet is not a fake prophet (Mind you)  He’s harmless.

Now why you should beware of old prophets:
1)The Lord is sovereign (He decides on who to send.
2 chronicles 18:23
Zedekia slapped Micah
He said how can God bypass him and be talking to Micah.
God made all the prophets that were called see wrong things for Ahab and Jeoshaphat.

2)The prophet may have backsliden.(Eli)
1 samuel 3:1-14

3)The prophet may be distracted.
The small prophet was given specific instructions but was distracted by fatigue.
(Hunger during fasting can be a distraction,sleep when you are to pray can be a distraction)

4)The prophet may have been receiving God’s glory without cautioning the people.( Baba Orekoya)
Acts 12:21-23

5)The prophet may have allowed anger.(Moses and Elisha
2 kings 3:14-15  Elisha was reluctant and gave false prophecy.
Numbers 20:11
He struck the rock twice anger.

6)The prophet may have allowed pride.
Numbers 20:6-8
Shall we not bring water from the rock?

I remembered some years ago when i was transferred from one state to another and has a new pastor.
I was not blessed because i kept comparing my former pastor to the new one.
God said to me He has ordained praise even in the mouth of babies so if I wanted my miracles i needed to humble myself.
Psalm 8:2
Many of us have not been blessed today because we are waiting for big pastors big revivals before we release our faith to activate God’s miracles.
No wonder the church in those days called Jesus a son of carpenter and never got their miracles.
Matt 13:55
What of if Naaman refused to listen to the prophet houshelp and servants.
2 kgs 5:1-19
What of if the butler did not listen to prophet Joseph.
Gen 40:9
Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory said he could raise the dead when he was an ordinary brother but couldn’t do same when he became a very known pastor.
We need to begin to work witj the simplicity of the gospel from today.
Jesus came to save the lost.
Jesus came take away our burden.
Luke 4:18
Isa 61:1
Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and he can choose anyone heal and deliver even that person is a baby.
The Bible says the just shall live by faith
Rom 1:17
Gal 3:11
Heb 10:38
So the question is can God answer your prayers even in the so called small meeting?
If you can release your faith and agree with whoever God has brought your way that miracle will be yours.
I agree with you today that every insurmountable mountain before you be it spiritual physical ministerial financial emotional and psychological shall crumble in Jesus name.
Forever and ever the Word of God is settled in heaven and on earth.
The major word to take home is in Isa 51:3
God will restore our waste places
There will be sweet melody in our homes.

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