Job 22:21-30
1)Father you created me and I depend on your power to overcome in life please anoint me specially today to become a prayer champion
2)Father please silence every negative voice speaking to my life let things begin to work in my favor from today on.
3)Father please send me all the helpers i need to succeed spiritually physically and financially
4)Father please don’t let me give up on you.
5)Father please remove every shame from my life and let me behold your glory.
6)Father please give me a family that will overcome all trials and temptations.
Give me children that will obey and serve you all the days of their lives.
7)Father fight all my battles today.
8)Father lift me up above every obstacle.
9)Father draw me out of everything that is dragging me down.
Father keep me alive to see my children’s children to the fourth generation in good health.
10)Father keep me on fire for you in Jesus name.
11)Father please take me to greater heights this new month of July in Jesus name.

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