Selfishness is the greatest enemy of man.
No wonder Jesus reduced the 10 commandments to two.
Love God and love your neighbor.
I watched a program on a national television sometimes ago where a black family in the United States of America decided to create a good life for the entire black community of the city they were living in.
Apparently the place their fathers had lived in for decades are the poorest area of the city. This family mobilized other close black families around them and raised enough money to do a down payment for acres of land in a much more very beautiful area
of the town.They saw their vision coming to pass because of their selfless ambition.
Today others have joined to build a community of their dream.The name of this family is written in gold forever.
When people come together in love to do a thing with no ulterior motif no matter how big the project is it comes to pass effortlessly because God is in it.
I believe you can also rise up today to save your company staff from homelessness,
Your family members and your nation from poverty if you share genuine ideas that can benefit everyone.
Stop thinking about yourself alone.
Please think of others.
Your greatness shall be visible to the entire globe­

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